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Hello richard,

Looks like i am going to need to use the groups & customers tab in my version of A2Zmanager.

But they are greyed out in my version.

So this must be an upgrade to use these features.

Can i upgrade?


scott richmond

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The GROUPING facility allows you to create groups of gauges and instruments for any purpose eg drawing cross-references, test rigs, gauge kits. You create a group - give it a name or number and then add assets to it. An asset can belong to more than group. The View->Selection menu option allows you to filter out the group and the Stores Issues/Receipts procedures allow you to issue or receive the group with one set of keystrokes.

This facility is available in the ENTERPRISE and LAB versions - you have the PROFESSIONAL version which is why these menu items are grayed out.

The CUSTOMER facility allows you to create a list of customers with names and contact details. Each asset is allocated to a specific customer and you can filter out the set of gauges for a specific customer. Also, you can have the same asset tag number on the system for different customers. This feature is only available in the LAB version which is designed for calibration laboratories servicing a range of customers. if you simply need a Customer Name filter then you can use one of the user-defined items on the asset tab.

I will email upgrade costs to you.

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